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Getting the loans can be tricky if your finances lack stability. If you are living on benefits, then it will become harder to convince the lending institutions. In this situation, the concept of loans for people on benefits holds significance.

Lenders, especially the traditional lending firms, hesitate to assist people living on benefits. The funds that come from the Government benefits are not sufficient as regular income, which can ensure the loan repayments.

24 cash Finances keeps the understanding of this. You are always welcome to apply for loans while depending upon the benefits. We are ready to forward our financial help to all the potential borrowers. With us, you have the following things in your favour:-

  • Quick Funding
  • Loans for any purpose
  • No loan security required
  • Simple eligibility criteria
  • Fill funding gap during any purchase

Who are People living on Benefits?

In the UK, many individuals get certain financial benefits from the Government. It is basically a concept related to social welfare. Government aims to provide benefits to help citizens in keeping their standard way of living despite all odds.

People, living entirely on these benefits, are automatic choice of loans for people on benefits. Some common Government benefits are:-

  • Unemployment Benefit
  • Health Benefit
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Child Benefit
  • Housing Benefits


Loans on benefits from a direct lender in the UK are another form of unsecured personal loans. These are applicable for those living on Government benefits (excluding individuals living on income support, housing benefits, pension credits and many more).

Surviving entirely on government benefits is not practical for a long time. You will realise the need for a loan at some point in time since these benefits cannot solely fulfil your personal ends.

With mainstream lending poses too many restrictions on these individuals, many direct lenders are committed to offering these loans. We are indeed one of them.

Apart from the primary deal on loans for people on benefits, we are ready to offer other loan options as well for those living on benefits. Some of them include:-

  • Doorstep Loans: You get loans processed at your home despite not having a bank account.
  • Poor Credit Loans: You are also eligible for this loan deal if you have bad credit ratings and living on benefits.
  • 12 Month Loans: Get funds for your financial need for up to one year. Easy monthly instalments are there.

Are you interested in any of these loan alternatives?


As time goes by, the living cost becomes higher. With this, our needs and desires also increase. Benefits alone cannot content us in such a scenario, and you want to get a loan on benefits. It becomes more challenging if you do not have a regular monthly income.

On the other hand, getting loans with continuous financial instability is also tough. You need a helping hand, and we are ready for this.

Our primary purposes for offering loans for people on benefits are to:

  • Allow everyone to find quick financial help;
  • Keep the loan application process simplest for people on benefits;
  • Maintain their standard of living with no complications at all;
  • Allocate financial support with accepting benefits as a source of loan repayment;
  • Provide you with funds for any financial purpose like purchasing a car, a gadget or removing a financial emergency.

If you are clear about your loan purpose, then click here to post your loan query.


Same day loans for people on benefits are specialised lending products. You will not find this too much in the UK marketplace. We offer these loans on borrower-friendly features, which include:-

  • No Need of Personal Guarantee

    Yes, these loans are applicable without the condition of a guarantor. You can apply alone and take the full responsibility of repaying the amount.

  • Flexible Interest Rates

    With us, you will have the significant feature of flexible interest rates. These suit everyone’s pocket as these are decided according to individual capacity.

  • Minimum Documentation

    You can apply for loans on benefits through online format and with no hassle of submitting too many papers. It will help in getting loans early.

  • Loans for Multiple Purposes

    You can resolve any financial issue after availing of these loans. However, these are emergency loans so that you can manage small funding issues only.

  • Variable Repayment Terms

    Unlike traditional lenders, we have a variety of repayment methods and terms. You can repay weekly or monthly up to a certain period, as per choice.

  • No Extra Charges

    You are at the right place to get loans for people on benefits with no upfront fees. Only the interest rate you need to pay that you got in the initial loan quote.

  • Cash-at-the-home Service

    We also offer doorstep funding for those who do not have a bank account due to valid reasons. You can avail of this facility even after applying online for this.

  • Acceptance on Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

    We follow a different but useful lending approach by accepting your Disability Living Allowance as the regular source of income.


Many unemployed people and individuals with disabilities often look for loans for bad credit with no guarantor while living on benefits. We provide you with the same despite your unsatisfactory credit history.

People living on benefits usually struggle to maintain their credit scores. It is because they have limited income and government benefits are sometimes insufficient. They have to use their credit cards more or rely on loans.

When these people are not able to make a credit card payment or loan repayments, they lose their credit scores. When they approach banks or other mainstream lenders, they either get loan denial or have to pay a very high-interest rate.

In these circumstances, direct lenders like us provide them with a helping hand. You are welcome to do so if you live on benefits but need a loan today from a direct lender despite the bad credit.

At 24 cash Finances, we do a lot of favours, such as:-

  • Acceptance on Present Performance
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Flexible Repayments
  • No Loan Collateral is Needed
  • No Early Repayment Fees
  • Buffer Period for Late Repayments


If you are living on benefits and need a loan today from a direct lender, then also the loan process will be quite similar to those earning standard monthly income. However, you may have to provide additional information regarding

  • Type of benefits received from the Government
  • You total monthly income
  • Daily expenditure and overall financial balance

Other than these factors, the eligibility criterion is more or less simple and straightforward.

For instance, you should be above 18 years of age and a permanent resident of the UK. You should have an active bank account for which we need details to transfer the amount once your loan application gets approved.

After fulfilling all the eligibility conditions, you can now start applying for loans for people on benefits. We have an online loan process, which is quick, straightforward and hassle-free.

As the dependable and reputable online direct lender in the UK, we consider applications with any credit background. These include people receiving government benefits. You only need to pursue the given below steps to post your loan application:-

  • Submit an online application form and wait for the approval
  • We do a soft credit check and prepare a loan quote to share with you
  • Analyse the loan quote with interest rates and loan terms, and give your consent to it
  • We approve your loan application and disburse the funds on the same day

24 cash Finances offers only affordable loans irrespective of whatever benefits you are receiving. You get the amount that is under your repayment capacity.


We offer personalised offers on loans for people on benefits. These are framed to provide loans to individuals struggling for their finances despite those benefits.

We aim to provide you with consequential financial benefits regardless of where you are living in the UK. The best part of our lending service is that the same facility is also available on loans for self-employed people.

We specialise in supporting applicants in getting bespoke offers, especially on short-term loans. The application procedure is smooth enough for everyone, and the transfer of funds is done within 24 hours.

FLEXIBILITY and INSTANT FUNDING are the two primary features, which can please anyone while approaching 24 cash Finances. If you also want the same in your favour, start applying for loans for people on benefits.