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Short Term Loans

What is the easiest loan to get?

You need a loan urgently to tackle emergency expenses. Thus, a loan should come on the more accessible terms and conditions. The short term loans in the UK from a direct lender are the perfect option in such a scenario, as they are available online and offer quick approval for the borrowers.

Here are the features of small loans in the UK:

  • All credit scores accepted
  • Not much documentation is involved
  • Available with soft credit check
  • Unemployed can also apply
  • Guarantor and collateral are not mandatory

How can I get a small loan immediately?

To get instant small loans, you need to come online and ready with all the formalities required to be eligible for the loans. Given below are the pre-requisites for the small loans from a direct lender:

  • Keep a prior knowledge of your credit score
  • Keep your income status alive during the application
  • Do not approach a broker to save time

How Can I Get Cheap Short Term Loans?

You need to be smart enough to choose the right short term personal loan. To get the cheapest deal on short term loans, it would be better if you go for the comprehensive comparison of the lenders.

Compare their interest rates and choose the one, which is offering competitive interest rates on small loans in the UK. 24cashfinances is one of those direct lenders in the UK offering reasonable rates on short term loans online.

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How can I get a £5000 instant loan?

Approach short term loans lenders, as they pursue a flexible approach to get £5000 on instant loan approval. Irrespective of your bad credit scores, you can straightaway apply for the loans online. However, you must be earning a monthly income to ensure the repayments on the next payday.

Individuals with no employment can make the loan repayments through the benefits they are receiving.

How long does short term loan stay on credit profile?

The short term loans in the UK are for a shorter period, and thus, their repayments are not lengthy. With an early end, they won’t stay on your credit profile for too long. However, if you make all the repayments on time, you can improve the credit ratings.

Do short term loans affect your credit rating?

As compared to the long term loans, the short term loans for bad credit have a little impact on your credit rating. The best thing is that these loans will not go for a long period; instead, they end early. You only need to repay the loan on time and see enhancement in your credit profile.

Which cash loan is the best?

There are multiple options available on the best short term cash loans in the UK. Such as:

Are short term loans with no credit check available?

No, short term loans with no credit check is not available. Every lender has to perform the credit check of the borrowers. However, it depends upon the lender to lender whether they perform a soft credit check or hard credit check.

One thing is for sure that loans are only provided according to the affordability of the borrowers.

Eligibility & Application

Am I eligible to apply for a 24cashfinances loan?

It is very easy to qualify for any loan at 24cashfinances because we have simple and straightforward eligibility conditions:

  • You should be above 18 years of age
  • You must be residing in the UK for the last 7 years
  • You should have an active bank account
  • You must be earning the monthly income minimum of £500

Can I apply for another loan before paying off the existing one?

We suggest you not to apply for another loan before ending the previous one. It is because that can affect your credit ratings. The wise decision would be first to complete a loan, and they go for another one.

24cashfinances does offer you the opportunity to renew any loan on the same interest rates.

Is there any way to know before I apply if my loan application will be approved?

As soon as your small cash loan application gets approval, we instantly send an email to your mail-id regarding the confirmation. It will be done after a few minutes of the application submitted, and the fund disbursal is done on the same day.

Do you run a credit check and will that impact my credit score?

Yes, 24cashfinances does perform a mandatory credit check on every loan deal that it offers. We are committed for not affecting your credit score, and thus, we only perform a soft credit check and allow loans on affordability.

Do I need a valid bank account to get a loan?

YYes, having the valid bank account is mandatory to get approval on any loan. We need this to transfer the desired amount to your bank account after your application gets approved.

24cashfinances has a particular arrangement where the borrowers can get doorstep loans with no bank account needed. On this, we provide cash-at-the-door service.

Do you offer no fee loan?

All the loans at 24cashfinances do not charge any upfront fees from the borrowers. Only the interest rates that they need to pay on the borrowing amount. It means we have affordable no-fee loans to offer for every borrower.

Will I need to provide any documents with any only loan application?

At 24cashfinances, we follow a short but simple application procedure. Instead of submitting too many papers, you only need to complete a single-page online form to apply for our loan deals.

The form requires only the necessary details from the borrowers, and that will take only 5 minutes to complete.

What risks should I be aware of when I take out a loan?

You should know that short-term loans are available with higher interest rates. Therefore, you should apply to them only during the financial emergency.

Besides, do not apply for the amount which is beyond your financial affordability. Remember, we only provide a loan deal that is affordable to your income capacity.

Interest rates and & repayments

Will I receive my quoted APR?

Yes, you will receive quoted APR once you submit your loan application. Our representatives are experienced enough to offer you the quick response with the affordable APRs. You can analyse the quoted rate and give your confirmation.

When do I need to make my first loan repayment?

The repayments start from the next month of the loan sanctioned. However, we provide you with the pay weekly repayment option too if you want an early completion of the loan.

What is a representative example of a 24cashfinances loan?

As the direct lender in the UK, we are flexible to our loan repayment approach. We first analyse the financial condition of the borrowers and provide loans on their affordability. The APRs are decided according to their financial capacity.

Can I pay my loan off early?

Yes, you can pay off the loan early. We do not charge any early repayment fees and give you the option of auto-renewal of the same loan on the same interest rates as well.

Can I change my repayment amount?

We have both fixed and flexible repayment options. In the fixed repayment, you cannot change the amount of monthly instalments. In contrast, the flexible option gives you the advantage of changing the monthly repayment amount.

Can I change my repayment date?

There will be little chance of changing the repayment date if you have opted for automatic repayment option. However, you can request us as soon as possible for any change, and we will look upon your request.

How can I check my loan balance, repayment date or other account information?

We are available 24/7 for our customers, and you can contact us anytime to get any information regarding your loan account.

Credit scores & Income?

Do you use my credit score?

As the responsible credit provider in the UK, we use to perform a credit check of each borrower to ensure every loan deal on his/her affordability. We use your credit score to know your credit performance and offer the loan accordingly.

Does 24cashfinances perform a hard credit check or soft credit check?

We only perform a soft credit check to ensure that every loan offer comes according to the affordability of the borrowers. It will not put any footprint on the borrowers’ credit profile. The hard credit check is only done when we require more information from our borrowers if they have a bankruptcy, CCJ or any default.

How do I find out my credit score?

The best way to know your credit score is to approach the credit reference agencies like Experian. They will provide you with the exact report and help you out in enhancing your credit profile.

Do I need to be working to apply for a loan?

Yes, it is necessary to have the monthly income to apply for a loan. The lender judges the credibility of the borrowers based on their income capacity. From the affordability to the reasonable loan deals, everything is decided based on the borrowers’ income capacity.

How to get a loan with low income?

You can get a loan on a low income if you need a small amount to borrow. We have options like doorstep loans, text loans, and cash loans that are available even though the borrower is earning part-time income.

Is there any possibility to get a loan with no income?

Yes, you can get a loan with no income because the direct lenders are accepting the benefits as the repayment source. However, these loans will be the high interest rate loans and available as small loans in the UK.

Guarantor & Collateral

Can I get a loan with 24cashfinances without a guarantor?

Yes, you can get a loan without a guarantor but the interest rates on the higher side. This loan suits best to the people with bad credit scores as they usually struggle with finding out the guarantor with better credit ratings.

The no guarantor loan is primarily the short-term loan, and you should apply only in the financial emergency.

Will the interest rates higher when I applied for no guarantor loan?

Yes, the interest rates will be on the higher side if someone applies for no guarantor loan. With no guarantor, the lender usually has a risk. Thus, they prefer to compensate for the missed repayments from the borrowers by asking for higher interest rates.

Can I choose someone self-employed as a guarantor?

Yes, you choose the self-employed person but make sure he/she should have a good credit score. The person’s recent credit performance should be good and reliable to ensure repayments from the self-employed business.

Is it necessary to have a guarantor with a good credit score?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a guarantor who has a good credit score. It gives an advantage for those having the bad credit scores because they can get approval based on guarantor’s good credit scores.

What happens when I still want to secure my small loan?

As a responsible direct lender in the UK, we want to suggest you not to put your assets on risk when you want a small amount to borrow. You can apply without collateral, and that will be on guaranteed approval.

Do all short-term loans fall into the category of unsecured loans?

Yes, small loans belong to the unsecured loan and do not require any asset to be pledged while signing the loan contract. Borrowers make sure that they can afford the loan through their income.

Why small cash loans always have high-interest rates?

Most of the times, the lenders are at the risk when offering small cash loans as there is no need for collateral and guarantor. The approval comes solely on the borrowers’ income and their affordability to repay the loan. When the borrowers miss the repayments, the lenders try to compensate for the loss by gaining higher interest rates.

What is the maximum limit to borrow without pledging any security?

24cashfinances offers you small loans with no collateral required to borrow up to £10000. You can apply directly at our website, submit your application and receive instant approval as there are no formalities like loan security.

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