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Why Being Self-Employed Is Good For Your Independence

Not everyone is cut out for sustaining in corporate culture. The high tides of deadlines and prevalent politics for appraisals can be really upsetting for many talented employees. There are people who take their work seriously and only focus on the quality of production from their end. And then there are those behind the bosses.

Employees start losing their self-esteem and questioning their skills when there is a lack of appreciation. When one knows that their talent is worth much more than the job, then comes the trigger to start working on their own.

Here are some fantastic and liberating reasons that would make you finally send in your resignation letter.

  1. More variety means more learning.

When you work independently, you get the liberty to take up projects from varying fields and not just stick to one genre. Being involved in differing areas gives you the opportunity to learn new things and expand your pool of knowledge. It also gives you an enlightening experience. It helps you grow as a person and professional both.

  1. All positions belong to you.

In other words, you are your own boss. You do not have to answer to anyone. You are solely responsible for all the failures and progress of your work. It gives you the motivation to get organised and set your own deadlines. Meeting those deadlines and getting appreciated for the work you do acts as a confidence booster.

  1. Cut-down on commuting costs.

You no longer have to drive your car to your office every morning. No more costs for the fuel or gas, and no longer paying for parking tickets. The food that you bought in cafeteria can now be forgotten. Think about all the money you would save!

  1. Work is directly proportional to income.

Working as a freelancer means you get paid for the amount of work you do. You are no longer limited to your pay cheque. When you need money to go on a vacation, you work twice as hard and earn more money. Not just that, you get the whole amount without any deductions from the amount you were promised. Your salary stays in your hands.

  1. It is alright to take a leave.

Being self-employed has a ring to it. You are not bound by a specific number of days you can take a leave for. Your off days are based on your comfort and convenience. You can take a break from your work when you feel you should pause for a while. You do not lose anything if you disappear for a week and then start working again.

  1. Good riddance from unwanted drama.

The only person you have to please and compete is you. You do not have to impress anyone else with your work product, and you just focus on becoming better than what you are today. You aim your energy towards learning more skills and making yourself more efficient. The world loves a person who is driven by motivation and knows something they do not.

  1. Customers are your decision.

You get to choose what type of work you wish to take up next. When you work under an employer, you are forced to work on everything the boss pushes towards you. But here, you not just have a say, you get to decide if you like a particular assignment or not. No one takes the decision for you and you stay at liberty to be your own guide.

  1. Timings are not a struggle anymore.

Along with the work place, you are also the deciding body of the other factors of your office space: The biggest one being the work hours. If you are night animal, you can stay up all night finishing off all the piled up work. Mornings can be your sleeping time and evenings- well evenings are really just that. No alarm clock has to be your enemy and irritability from your watch can come down.

Self-Employment- A Liberating Feeling

Now when you are enough pumped up with the motivation to start working on your own, it is the best time to know that self employed loans are available online to help you manage this endeavour. You can easily visit the website of a direct lender and make use of these simple loans for financing the initial part of your independent venture.

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