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What Changes That Banks Do Add To Digitalise Their Services?

From the last couple of years, the banking sector is rising growly. If you at the stats that show 60% of the UK population are using online banking, that is roughly 13million people. And, they access it through a mobile browser or banking application.


It is all happening because of the DIGITALISATION. But, at the same time, it is increasing the competition too. Every year new technique and business form introduces to survive in this cut-throat struggle. It means that year 2020 needs altered strategies and methods also.


If you are a part of digital banking and don’t know what different you can apply this year, then you land in the right place. Here, we have mentioned top techniques that you can perform this year and make your digital marketing successful.


Let’s move to the part and understand them one by one. 

Top Digital Marketing Trends

If you are running a small digital banking business, then you should follow the below-mentioned points. It will help you to attract potential customers.


Table of content

  • Capability to Execute
  • Need full-time digital services
  • A customer wants excellent value
  • Provide better customer service
  • Improvise the data utilisation
  • Capability To Execute


Do you know the main reason behind the failure of many FinTech firms? It is nothing but the execution of a plan. A successful fin-tech start knows very well that what and how to initiate the project. They know about how to organise the application on a small time scale.


They do not reduce time, but they cut-down the expenses too. Thus, it requires a proper team that can do the work in a well-organized way. As you are running a new business, then choosing options, like installment loans for bad credit people from direct lenders only could be the right option to bear the hiring expenses.

Need Full-Time Digital Services 

Customer not only wants the smooth service, but they also need 24 by 7 service. It is a simple technique that can make your business successful, but still, many people ignore this. They need full-time assistance because no one knows when sudden expenditure ruins their financial life.


You should provide all the time service. It can be only possible when you take your business into the online platforms. It will assist the borrower to borrow money from anywhere without visiting any lending agency.

A Customer Wants Great Value 

There are many programmes through which customer can access special offer and discount. In many companies, it is known as a customer loyalty program. And, it shows that the customer wants the best deal. If you fail to provide them with the best offer or discount, then they may move to the next lending agency.

Provide Better Customer Service 

No matter which year is running, customer service plays a crucial role. Many eminent firms fail to provide adequate customer service, like:

  • No response of call
  • No feed options
  • The lending procedure is hectic and many more.

Customer needs a platform where he/she can share the problems and expect the best solution. So, even if you are providing less discount and offer, but your customer section is right, then you can boost your business in 2020.

Improvise The Data Utilisation 

Nowadays, data is everything, and it will play an imperative role to target the users. You can collect data from agencies or survey and used them to provide better services. How?


With the help of the collected data, you can know things about the customers, like:

  • What does he want?
  • Where is he located?
  • Geo-location data

It will effectively work if you merge both traditional and non-traditional data. And the vital part is that you have to respect the borrower’s privacy. Bother those with the unnecessary message may lead you to lose your customer.


These are the five mind-blowing techniques that can help you to make your fin-tech business unbeaten. Follow them but remember one thing that it will take time to gather loyal customers. So, stick to the above points and enjoy the fruitful results.

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