What are the pros and cons of payday loans in general?

Payday loans are an easy option for loan borrowers. Every loan borrower has an opportunity to qualify for this type of loan. It is also known as short-term loans. You just need to open an account with good standing in order to receive your payday loans.

These loans are very helpful and can be used for any purpose. With any proof of identification and your income proof, you can apply for these loans, and the lender will also not run a credit check.

There are no further questions asked while lending a payday loan. Many borrowers hence find these loans very attractive and borrow payday loans.

But there are two sides to a coin, and therefore, there are advantages and disadvantages for these types of loans.


The new short term loans

There are many types of loans that are available to the borrowers at easy terms and conditions. But these loans are simple loans to borrow as they are offered without any credit check.

Many lenders do not even run a credit check on their borrowers and lend these loans. But everything comes with a cost, and you have to pay back the loan on time.

Many borrowers are aware of both sides of these payday loans and hence decide to borrow business loans instead.

But, payday loans are lucrative and attractive and are preferred above all the other loan options available in the markets. Once you borrow payday loans, the work of the lender is done, and you are a borrower to them now.


Pros of payday loans

They’re easy to access

These loans are easily accessible, and this is one of the most significant advantages of borrowing payday loans. They are also easily accessible in times of need. Many people require cash on an instant basis.

For example, suppose there is an emergency, and you are in urgent need of money. A day loan can be a go-to option for you and act as a saviour in your emergency situation. These loans are available anytime and only have to be filled online.

Online processes are very easy, and as you just have to fill in your identification and income proof, and you can be approved for a payday loan.

These are not like the traditional loans that require too much documentation. There is less documentation required, and these are approved within five minutes.

Require few things as compared to other loans

As compared to other loans, these loans require very little documentation and other things. Traditional loans require your social security number, income proof, ID proof, and a credit check.

Unlike these additional loans, payday loans do not require anything and can be offered to you on an instant basis. These laws are also called fast cash loans as they have fewer requirements and are provided instantly.

Do not require a credit check of the borrower

As mentioned above, you do not need any documents to borrow a payday loan. The lenders also do not do a credit check on you before lending the loan amount to you. Credit history is an essential factor while borrowing alone.

Traditional loans require proper credit checks by the lenders plus all the essential documents.

But these loans do not require any credit check and any credit enquiry. Exceptions are everywhere, and in rare cases, these exceptions work. In very few cases, a credit check done by the lenders seems shady to them.

Also called as an unsecured loan

Payday loans are unsecured loans and do not require any mortgage or collateral of any asset of yours. You do not need to pay anything even if you default on these loans.

This way, the lender has nothing to seize if you default on the loan. There are no consequences as such on the loan default. In most cases, the lenders have access to your bank account to minimize the risk of default.

Another measure taken by the lender is that they can take you to court for your outstanding balances.


The cons of payday loans

Are expensive in comparison to other loans

Payday loans are beneficial as they do not have a mortgage or security, and hence they are called unsecured loans. But because of the unsecured nature of these loans, they have high-interest rates.

On average, the rates are above 400%. A personal loan is charged at the rate of interest of 4% to 35%. At the same time, credit card interest rates vary from 13 to 30%. But a traditional payday loan charges a 400% rate of interest.

These loans become expensive with the rate of interest being charged on them. They do not generally assess the debt to income ratio of the borrower and hence only focus on the higher rate of interest.

The lender’s high rate of interest also does not check your credit history and do not check any accounts.

It gets you trapped in a debt cycle

Whenever you buy a payday loan, the lender charges additional fees on your payday loans if you extend that loan. These loans are attractive and lucrative but get you trapped in a debt cycle.

Once you are trapped in a deadly cycle, it becomes difficult to get out of the cycle and pay back your loans. Upon non-payment of loans, more additional fees are charged, and hence you are trapped.

  1. In return for the loan, lenders have access to your bank account

Many payday loan lenders have access to your bank account in case of default payment. They take your bank account numbers to lend you the loan amount.

Since payday loans are easy and fast access to money, they are often required to lend the access of your bank account to the lender.



Payday loans are an excellent way to cater to your short needs for money. But there are benefits and negative points to your payday loans.

Both sides should be adequately studied to make informed decisions regarding your loans.

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