Is a No Credit Check a Myth, or Is It Real

Is a No Credit Check a Myth, or Is It Real?

In this post, we can tell you the truth.

And we can assure you that the truth isn’t going to hurt you. It is something that you might need to know.

With that being said, we can tell you that there are many reasons we look for a no credit check loan, and direct lenders do help you with this service. You might be observing it as a myth and get hesitant to ask about it your direct lender. But as a whole, your lender will aid you with this and will not say a no all the time if you require a loan without a credit check!

There are rules, though!

But they are not rules you will find unlike…

Instead, you can get to identify lending as a more organised procedure after knowing how a no credit check loan is possible!

How No Credit Check Loans Reach You

Let’s suppose you are looking for guaranteed approval for a bad credit loan from a direct lender like us and that you are wondering if the loan applies in case you do not have a fair credit score or that you are not accustomed take out money in this way.

All you can do in this regard is you can definitely talk o us about this at any moment.

While doing that will give you a more clarified ground of understanding regarding a loan with no credit check, reading the rest of this post will aid you in getting prepared for taking a loan out of this kind.

What are you waiting for then?

Read the points below to bust the myth of no credit check loan!

  1. Do You Have a Credit Card Anyway?
  2. You Are Borrowing the First Time
  3. What about Your Income?
  4. Did You Get Unemployed?
  5. Benefits Will Still Do
  6. If You Need Money Immediately
  7. A Soft Credit Check, Perhaps?

Let’s find out more about these options. Are you ready?

  1. Do You Have a Credit Card Anyway?

A credit card transactional analysis and credit check are required to find out the nature of the payments and your credit behaviour. We can also know more about your creditworthiness of yours and, of course, your credit score in order to help you with a loan.

Sounds scary, right?

Now it is your turn to ask us a question.

“What if I don’t own a credit card?”

If you are not a credit card holder, will we simply shut the door on your face and say a  big ‘no’ to your loan requirements?

We will never do that.

And this is where you get your answer.

If you do not have a credit card, why exactly would we bother you about credit scores and things of that sort to offer you a loan?

Don’t you have a credit card? Consider you have got a loan.

  1. You Are Borrowing the First Time

So, you are searching for a 100% guaranteed loan for the first time?

If you are into the lending industry for the first time and you are probably not aware of anything in particular, then you will know direct lenders will not trouble you with something like a credit check.

Any borrowers who are looking for loans for the first time are given the no credit check facilities from us.

So, rejoice in the fact that you are going to get a no credit check loan!

  1. What about Your Income?

Do you have a stable income?

Of course, you do!

Your income statement is the thing that lenders look at when they agree to lend you an amount of money and type that you want.

If you have a stable enough income and your financial records look quite satisfying to us, then you can consider that you have got the loan.

We will review your income documents and evaluate whether you are okay with paying bills for the instalments we will fix for you.

When you can do that with the income you have, fill up the application form online and get ready with those documents. We will be offering you the loan approval within minutes and the loan on the same day.

And all of this…without a credit check!!!

  1. Did You Get Unemployed?

It is a huge problem for many people when they get unemployed, and they do not get the financial support to pay bills or manage emergencies.

Unemployment is serious trouble. In times like these, people need a loan. And they definitely need a loan without a credit check.

Yes, we do offer guaranteed approval for direct lender bad credit loans and that too with no guarantor requirements.

And we can do all of this without a credit check only for you if you can give us the confirmation of repayment. If you use the money from the loan we offer you to prepare yourself for another job, buy some more equipment, or fund a training course that promises employment, then we are happy to help you with the money.

And we are not going to check your credit score for all of this.

  1. Benefits Will Still Do

Just like your income, your benefits can still make a big difference in this case if they are just in the way we want them to be.

Be it an elderly allowance or a homeowner allowance. You can get a no credit check loan if, again, the benefit plans we both are looking at are able to fund the repayment plans as we devised for you.

  1. If You Need Money Immediately

For an emergency loan, you will not be bothered with a credit check again.

An emergency or urgent funding requires a faster financial solution, and if we, as direct lenders, cannot promise you a fast loan, then we may not be able to make positive changes in the purpose for which you have been looking for the loans.

Checking credit scores and all formalities can come later. Besides, we would not be concerned with them as long as you can promise us that you are repaying the money in instalments we fix for you.

  1. A Soft Credit Check, Perhaps?

Whether it is a bad credit loan with no guarantor and no broker or a simple personal loan for the unemployed, we can help you with a no credit check solution by making a soft credit check.

It is nothing but evaluating your credit score without, of course, taking it as a part of lending the money you need from us.

This is a formal procedure we might choose to do. It doesn’t mean your loan is not going to be delivered to you.

To Conclude

Which one of these points has interested you the most?

You can definitely use the comment section to let us know your views.

Or else you can directly phone us up.

We are always there to help.

And yes, help is on its way to you without a credit check.

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