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How COVID19 is Encouraging the Use of Technology

The entire world is affected by COVID19 pandemic. It has decimated the economy severely that most of the people have lost their income sources. Now people have understood that they need to figure out new ways to live life as COVID19 has become the part of life. Until the outbreak of the pandemic, people were proud to be the most influential living creature on this planet, but COVID19 has brought them to earth. It has made it conspicuous that all of us need to mend our living ways.

It will discuss technological improvement in the business sector only. There was a time when nobody bothered about the working environment in organisations. The crowded sitting arrangement has never been a problem, but now organisations are struggling to respond to the health challenges of employees, disrupted supply chain and distorted operations. Here is how organisations will immunise themselves to the condition caused by COVID19 pandemic.

Everything will be digital

There is no denying that organisations will have to make digital investments for core operations. During the pandemic, those organisations have suffered a lot that failed to embrace technology to speed up the processes. Other organisations that have been leveraging the power of mobile apps, artificial intelligence, chatbots have been able to grow their customer base.

Organisations need to invest in digital technology. With the help of artificial intelligence and chatbots, you can stay in touch with your customers even during the period of lockdown. The financial institutions have done a great job in the crisis. People who require money due to their job loss are applying for loans online, and they get funds directly in their account. This time unemployed loans are in more demand than doorstep loans because of lockdown.

The use of performance tracking software will grow up

During the lockdown, most of the organisations had to ask their employees to work from home. Work from home brings flexibility to employees. They can work in their comfort, but it also raises a lot of doubts about the quality of work. Employers always have doubts that employees will not give 100% to the assigned task, and it can take a toll on productivity and business growth.

It is why organisations will invest in software to track the performance of remote employees. There are some software you can install in the desktop of employees to see how much time they have spent on the screen, which sites they have browsed and the like. Organisations will invest in software to track the progress of employees to make sure that productivity is not compromised.

However, organisations also need to ensure that employees have a working environment in their homes. The use of videoconferencing tools and the internet with high bandwidth will also go up.

More organisations will embrace the Cloud

Organisations will switch to the Cloud because of scalability and security. During the period of lockdown, many organisations have proved that they can establish a secure link with the help of the Cloud. Using these platforms, organisations have been able to access data at any time and to conduct a videoconferencing with their employees and collaborate date. The lockdown has proved that the Cloud has become the necessity for all organisations. They must make a budget for investing in the Cloud.

There is the need for a business continuity plan

Business continuity plans are those plans that ensure the operations of the business will not shut down even during a period of emergency. You never know when an emergency can shatter the economy, and COVID19 has proved it. Therefore, you must have a plan to ensure the continuity of your business during an emergency. Make sure that you have all tools and resources to address your employees. Factory workers do not have desktops. Therefore they should be in touch with the management through emails and other communication means.

COVID19 has proved that organisations need to plan for investment in technology. Although you make the best preparations, it cannot be enough during the crisis. You should look over your business and figure out the areas you will introduce technology. Start making the budget for it from now. However, there are always funding sources available to you in case you are running out of money.

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