Business in critical times


Ups and downs in the business are not a new thing at all. Many companies face losses when the market does not allow them to stand in the competition. Many succeed because they have their base strong.

The year 2020 will be known only for one thing, i.e. Coronavirus. The pandemic has affected everyone’s life, and even children have become familiar with this.

The pandemic has touched almost everyone, and businesses in the world are not the exception at all.

In the UK, businesses mainly start-ups have found themselves in the vast trap where they have been in declining phases.

The Government has taken the initiative, or it has to be, to allow the survival of the small businesses by bringing the scheme of business bounce back loans.

Let us take our discussion further by discussing the features of this scheme.

4 Attributes of Business Bounce Back Loans


One can say this scheme has been the talking point in the United Kingdom. The reason is simple: to survive the start-up businesses in the country so that they can grow further instead of facing a declined growth.

The start-up business bounce back loans have the following features for the new companies:-

#1. First Direct Assistance

We can say that this is the first direct financial help to the new businesses as they have been affected a lot by the pandemic.

The new strain of Covid-19 has further worsened the situation in London and start-ups have now the most challenging surviving period.

The most satisfying thing is that the Government in the UK and the private creditors here bring the new deals on business bounce back loans.

With their online lending platforms, things become more straightforward, and the assistance comes quite early as same-day fund transfer. Remember, this facility may only be for filling the funding gap.

#2. A lifeline for New Businesses

The new Covid-19 strain has targeted many new businesses in this part of the world. Forget the development; they are now struggling hard to survive in this tricky period.

This loan scheme has advantaged them with the easy availability of the required funds. They can use them as the new business loans where features and benefits both are unique to the standard loan options.

Obligations are comparatively fewer and the maximum chances of approval. It is what attracts small businesses.

Furthermore, this scheme has more beneficiaries, especially self-employed people. They have a home-based business. If their work does not come in the essential things, then they have to close down in this lockdown.

By getting self-employed business bounce back loans, they are also surviving by having an adequate amount of funds in quick times.

#3. Hassle-Free Loan Conditions

These business loans are meant for financial survival for start-up businesses. Availing them would be beneficial to survive at least for future commercial success.

The eligibility conditions are more uncomplicated whether you apply from the Government or the direct lenders in the UK. Some of them are:-

  • Your company must have a one-year business account
  • Minimum annual turnover should be around £100000
  • The company owner must be a resident of the UK
  • He/she should be the homeowner and carrying a good credit score

Fulfilling these conditions is not difficult at all. In fact, it suits every new business, and getting financial assistance becomes more comfortable than ever.

#4. Prominent Lending Institutions and direct lenders

The availability of bounce back loans is now vast in the UK. From Manchester to London to Northern Ireland, every start-up company can benefit from such financial assistance.

The Government business back loans are accessible according to the prescribed norms. However, not every business can fulfill the Government’s standards, and they may be declined. Probably, the Government’s strict criteria are the reasons.

On the other side, private lenders in the UK seem more flexible than their traditional counterparts. They may allow flexible repayment terms to avail of this facility. More interestingly, they do not have any issue with the business’s bad credit scores.

The interest rates may vary from lender to lender and therefore, analyzing the lending marketplace becomes a crucial practice. Don’t forget to avail of loans on affordability.


Crucial assistance during challenging financial times is what every business need. The business bounce back loan is the need of the hour and helping small businesses a lot.

Thankfully, both the Government and the online lenders in the UK contribute to small businesses’ survival. However, the use of these loans matters a lot, and the start-up companies should know when they have to apply for these funds.

Borrowing unnecessarily will only increase the burden. Thus, it is essential to borrow within your limits because only then, you can survive your business and make it eligible for future growth.

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