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How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Diagnosis and Treatment

The future of healthcare is expected to be better because of artificial intelligence (AI). Technology has transformed the health industry as it has done with other sectors. It seems surprising to hear that a robot is performing surgery, but healthcare has developed this mush so far.

AI is proving a useful tool to improve the health sector. Apart from robotic surgeries, it is assisting with a medical diagnosis. Several diseases are hard to diagnose during their first stage because most of the symptoms go unnoticed, but with the help of AI, medical experts can detect them and prevent the life of patients.

So far, there has been a sufficient number of successful developments in the health industry, giving hope to medical experts to overcome the threat of deadly diseases. AI can analyse a lot more factors precisely to help you understand the medical condition and its repercussions before it turns out to a life-threatening illness. AI tools can analyse a large amount of information and make decisions faster than human beings.

Here is how AI is helping the health industry in diagnosing medical conditions and providing successful treatments.

Ada – your health companion

Ada is your health companion to assist you in managing your health. The app will ask you relevant and straightforward questions to know symptoms and then give possible recommendations. Health experts and scientists have made this app so that you can take care of yourself.

The app helps you find the relevant explanation by comparing your symptoms and complaints with thousands of similar cases. The app is completely secure. Your personal information, including medical conditions and all, will be kept secret.


Some life-threatening diseases must be diagnosed as early as possible. However, it is quite difficult to detect all symptoms to make a decision. Most of the symptoms of lung cancer and breast cancer go unnoticed during the diagnosis. Before doctors and people realise that they have caught such a disease, it is too late.

Bearing this factor in mind, AI software called Lunit has been launched. It is equipped with 3D visualisation along with machine learning to help detect all symptoms that are difficult to diagnose otherwise. This software has increased the possibility of detecting cancer by 80%. It shows the results with the utmost accuracy.


Sensely monitors the condition of people who have been suffering from chronic stress. This AI tool generally aims to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder. The app is integrated with virtual nurse technology to provide recommendations to patients based on the symptoms reported.

This app can also help you remind me about the time of medications and when you need to visit a doctor. The app provides an interface to patients so that they can engage in a natural conversation with a virtual nurse that is smart enough to take care of people’s health.


Pathology has evolved with the help of AI, contributing to faster and more accurate diagnosis of medical conditions. It can help doctors diagnose complex diseases like cancer. It can quickly analyse cell images to report the exact scenario. The app is improving people’s lives by helping doctors with quickly analysing medical conditions.

Insilico Medicine

This artificial intelligence tool helps discover drugs to combat various diseases. The app aims to improve the lives of people by providing them with effective medicinal treatment. This comprehensive drug discovery tool utilises millions of samples to produce the most promising drugs to treat an illness.

Artificial intelligence is leaving no stone unturned to improve the healthcare sector from diagnosing the symptoms of diseases to providing effective treatment. Such software can help doctors diagnose the symptoms of diseases very early.

There are some of the apps that help patients with taking recommendations from virtual nurses so that they can feel confident while recuperating. Most of such software applications are not free of cost. Before you invest in such software applications, make sure that you have made a budget. If your savings have fallen short, you can take out doorstep loans with no credit check.

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