Get your credit score on the top and enjoy its benefits

Get your Credit Score on the Top and Enjoy Its Benefits 

The credit score is a very important parameter of your financial health. The higher your credit ratings, the more chances you can get a loan easily. You can boost your credit score on your loans, mobile contracts, mortgages, etc. 

A good credit score defines your financial help and makes you look creative in front of lenders. 

Many lenders look out for a good credit score before lending you money. If you do not have the right credit score, you may not be eligible to borrow money from various kinds of lenders. 

Creating the right impression on the lender

Apart from increasing your credit score, it is also essential to look out for ways that reduce your credit score. Many ways lead to a downfall of a great score that should be avoided in your daily life. This usually happens when people avoid those factors. 

Many people fall victim to this, especially unemployed people. They mostly avail emergency cash loans for the unemployed and are unable to pay them back. 

This further damages their credit score. Since unemployed people cannot pay back the amount, they are the first to fall into a bad credit trap. 

But, if they plan their finances and repayments effectively, they can save themselves from this bad credit trap. 

Both factors are equally important as they balance like a seesaw. Both factors should be considered, factors that improve and factors that reduce the score. 

Many lenders offer you the option of loans only when you have the right credit score. Hence, it is advisable to stay focused on terms of your credit score. 

Ways to boost credit score

If you have availed of loans, make sure to pay them off on time. If you do not do so, you are inviting trouble for yourself. Follow the below ways to stay away from the trap of bad credit.

Prove where you live

Your current residence address is the biggest proof of your credit score. If you are in a government role, this makes your credibility irrespective of whatever home you are staying in. 

For example, if you are sharing your accommodation or if you’re living with your parents, it is mandatory to register yourself on the electoral roll for your current address.

Build your credit history

If you have a small credit score, it makes it difficult for companies to assess your financial health. As a result, you do not opt for lending money. 

If you work on building a great history, every lender will know about your financial health, and you will be eligible to get loans from any lender. There are some ways to build up a great history that you can use and make yourself attractive.

Timely payments

Many people are unaware of this method of timely payments for the perfect credit score. Making a delay in payments can be a factor in reducing your credit score. Keep timely payments in mind if you wish to have a high credit score. 

Also, the manager accounts well while making the payments. This can hugely affect your lending and other forms of finances.

Keep your credit utilization low

If you have a credit card, keep its utilization as low as possible. Do not exceed £500 if your credit limit is around £2500. 

Try to keep the utilization limit as low as possible. Do not increase the utilization limit, as it can make your score go bad.

See if you could get an instant score boost

If you look around, you may find numerous ways to boost your score. If you have an Experian account, it can also tell you how to manage your money. You can look out for various examples that portray perfect financial behaviour. 

Also, many online websites help you make savings and investments in that. You can look for various examples from these websites that help you apply for credit.

Check for errors and catch hold of any mistakes on your report

There may be some errors or mistakes in your credit card that you can check. If there is a missed type address that can affect your credit score, get it checked. A lender may refuse to lend money to you because of this typing error. 

Ensure that every piece of information is correct and accurate and that you are not confused with the wrong information. If you spot a mistake, contact the lender immediately. 

They can be a dispute with the wrong information. Any negative information during such circumstances can be used against your credit score.

Monitor your credit file for fraudulent activity

There can be any fraudulent activity on your credit card. Be aware of any activity as lenders keep an eye on your credit score. You may not do any fraudulent activity, but people are looking out to damage your okay score. 

If you are facing any problem, you can seek help from the Fruit support team and do not let yourself be a victim of identity fraud.

Avoid moving home a lot if you can

Every lender likes to get associated with stable borrowers. If you are moving home too frequently, avoid doing that. If you are moving home frequently, it can create a bad impression on the lenders that can ultimately impact your credit score. 

Find out different ways that put a bad impression on your credit score. If you know the right ways to improve your credit score, you can be in the good books of every lender.

For example, if you are a lender, you would not trust anybody who is constantly moving their house. Similarly, as a borrower, you should be attractive to a lender only when you show stable signs.


Keeping your credit score intact is a big responsibility. It is not a one-day job. There has to be a regular effort to maintain your credit score. 

Only with a good credit score can you be in the good books of lenders and borrow money as per your wants. 

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